Nutritional Information

Einkorn is known as the most ancient and pure grain known to man.   With a smaller berry size and darker appearance, this ancient wheat is beginning to make a comeback in our modern world.

Einkorn is a very healthy grain.  It is higher levels of protein, essential fatty acids, Vitamin  B-12, potassium, and lutein.

Modern wheat that we are used to eating today is made of  42 chromosomes.  This is due to the cross breeding of the wheat.  Because of this the gluten, which is made of two different proteins called glutenin and gliadin are altered, making it hard to digest.  Over time modern wheat has also been crossed with goat grasses.  One of these grasses contains the D genome of gluten which seems to cause a lot of intolerance in people.  The proteins for undigested gliadin make there way into our gut which builds up toxicity.  The toxicity leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to many different diseases.

Ready for the good news?

EINKORN has not been cross bred and because of this, only has 14 chromosomes!  Much easier for our tummies to digest.  Einkorn has only an A genome and the glutenin to gliadin ration is much different then a modern wheat.   The structure of the berry is much smaller then we are used to seeing but it is much more compact.  Einkorn contains two starches (which is in all wheat) Amylose and Amylopectin.  Amylose is a slowly released starch where is Amylopectin releases quickly and digests faster.  Einkorn his much more Amylose then Amylopectin which makes it much easier on our gut.

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